To truly understand the globe and its diverse culture, you have to be a part of it. Nowhere better to understand it than joining the hospitality industry, which sees the coming of people from various parts of the world, creating an amalgamation of true cultural diversity and experiences stretching multiple ethnicities. At Vedic Resorts & Hotels Pvt. Ltd. which is indeed one of the finest property in Eastern part of our country, we personify this dynamic international character coupled with a strong local presence of guests, which takes learning, career growth and development to a new apex level. Competence and Ethics are at the heart of building and judging people at Vedic Resorts & Hotels Pvt. Ltd. Our business model, brand equity, leadership, and a deeply-embedded service culture that places a high value on our employees, have formed a solid foundation of long, storied history of success and employee association.

Our Offerings

We offer you endless possibilities for growth and development both horizontal and vertical. We give opportunity to people joining us to grow within their discipline as well as traverse beyond boundaries and explore the latent talent within. We encourage creation, innovation and diversification.

Opportunities beckon you

Given the depth and breadth of our business, whether you are a new entrant or a connoisseur of your domain, be it Food and Beverages, Production, Housekeeping, Front Office, Systems etc. we offer immense scope to learn and provide learning in your area. Whether you are interested to be at the core of implementation or at the heart of making strategy, we have it all for you. While we value your learning and experiences, our unique value proposition adds a new feather in your cap for scintillating growth.

Development Circumference

At Vedic Resorts & Hotels Pvt. Ltd., we do not only focus on professional radius of development, but on the entire circumference of an individual’s development which encompasses both the high career avenues and personal development. We have a wide variety of training programmes which caters to both the upgrading of technical skills and soft skills. Our focus on development is integrated to our training programs, through which we promote people to the next orbit, and essentially we focus on organic growth in our system.

Benefits, Rewards and Recognition

Vedic Resorts & Hotels Pvt. Ltd. is very proud of not only its business legacy but also the way it defines its relationship with the employees. Our employees are our greatest assets and we continuously strive for their betterment. Competitive benefits to the employees, respect for people’s ability, recognizing their contributions and rewarding them for their efforts are the values which drive the human resource paradigm of our organization. The longer association of employees with our organization bears testimony to the fact the we have a progressive and vibrant people’s policy in place and which has ensured an enviable ecosystem of growth and development.

Equal Employment Opportunity

At Vedic Resorts & Hotels Pvt. Ltd. we ensures and administer processes and policies in such a way that it prohibits discrimination in the workplace based on race, colour, national origin, religion, gender, age, caste or community.