In the heart of tranquillity, Vedic Village Spa Resort proudly unveils “Sharodiya 2023” — an immersive celebration of Durga Pujo that embraces sustainability, diversity, and the cultural tapestry of Calcutta before Kolkata. This year, our festivities are not just a celebration; they are a journey through time, a feast for the senses and a showcase of the rich heritage that defines not only Bengal but the nation on the whole, moreover an example for UNESCO declaring Durga Pujo as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”.

Embarking on Calcutta Trails, visitors traverse through cobbled streets adorned with the echoes of the 19th century. This culinary sojourn narrates the story of Calcutta’s cuisine, bringing alive the flavours that once graced the city’s tables. The menu reflects the ethnic diversity of cultures that defined the era — a Bengali and Anglo-Indian cadenced harmony.

The centrepiece of our celebration is the Mahabhoj Thali, a culinary masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of Bengali cuisine. Each dish is a brushstroke on the canvas of tradition, a fusion of spices, and a tribute to the culinary artistry passed down through generations, a gastronomic adventure that pays homage to the city’s culinary legacy.

However, Durga Pujo is not just about the palate; it’s an emotional experience for Bengalis a joyride amongst the diversity and heritage. The air resonates with the rhythmic beats of Chou, the graceful moves of Putul Nach, and the artistry of Pottery Making — a cultural symphony that echoes the regional diversity of our nation across generations.

As the festivities unfold, our diverse landscape becomes a canvas for joy. Plush green environments seamlessly blend with various water bodies, the flora and fauna around the property, creating an idyllic setting for this year’s Durga Pujo. The resort becomes a melting pot of tradition, nature, and celebration—a haven where every moment is a testament to the beauty of our heritage.

This festive season, escape to Vedic Village Spa Resort for a Sharodiya Utsav – Sharod Shure, Shader Madol like never before. Durga Pujo is not just an event; it’s an experience that transcends time, embracing the past while celebrating the present. Join us in a celebration of sustainability, diversity, and the vibrant spirit of Bengal. Your journey into the heart of Sharodiya at Vedic Village Spa Resort begins here.